About Us


Fowler Brothers Co. has been serving the Chattanooga area and beyond for 135 years

The store is known for the finest quality outdoor furnishings, fire pits, grills, and accessories with guaranteed pricing. The showroom is over 20,000 square feet of beautiful products ranging from traditional, rustic, farmhouse, modern, etc. We have it all!

We proudly provide the Chattanooga community and beyond with the highest quality furniture. Now in its fifth generation, Fowler Brothers Co. is lead by Carter Fowler. With great dedication and care, Carter Fowler has personally hand-selected each furniture piece to ensure only the very best selection of inventory.

That same devoted mindset and quality focus has held steadfast over the generations. “Each of our stores has a curated collection,” Carter says of Fowler Brothers Co. “We know we can guarantee that quality to hold up. My ancestors would use words that were related to the craftsmanship and the construction, such as ‘honest’ furniture or ‘sturdy’ furniture.”

A true focus on quality craftsmanship has lead to customer loyalty and trust over many decades. Developing personal relationships with customers and providing knowledgeable, excellent service is of central importance to the Fowler Brothers Company. “We’re in a world where you can click and buy things online; I get it,” says Carter. “But it’s not just our products, it’s also the people that make up our company who are focused on having the knowledge to give customers good, honest advice.”

Fowler Brothers Co. strive to improve the community around them by creating an ideal living experience. “We’re in a world of many disposable goods, but we know the products we offer will stand the test of time. They will be tomorrow’s antiques. We’re literally giving people something that can change the way they use their space to enhance their life.”